Friday, April 4, 2014

Long Bubble romper

I think I may have bitten off more then I can chew. I had this idea for an outfit for Inara for her first Easter after stumbling across some really cute easterish fabric in the clearance section of spotlight during my very first fabric buy adventure.

I found a tutorial that I liked the pattern of, but unfortunately it required you to design your own pattern from a pair of pants.

You can find the tutorial here

Its probably very simple for those who have been doing this sewing thing for awhile, but for someone like me who has only been doing this for 2 weeks.. its a little more complicated. I tried it though! Pretty sure I have made it a little to small, it looks how I pictured... just not sure if its going to be big enough. In my mind Inara is still itty bitty, but in reality shes nearly 5 months old and no longer as little as she was.

As predicted it was slightly too small in the crotch area, but she looks cute in it either way! have adjusted the
pattern and might get a chance to start it tonight after the kids are in bed.

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