Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The beginning of new adventures

About a week ago, after joining a new facebook group that a few of my wonderful crafty mummies from Inaras baby group created. I made the leap in to the world of sewing, and fabric. Oh my fabric, glorious fabric.. why have I not done this before??

I purchased a sewing machine. Just a simple brother LS2500.. nothing fancy, but it meets my needs very very nicely.

Now that I have started... I doubt there is any stopping me now! I'm only limited by my imagination (or should I say pintrest inspiration) and maybe by my skills? I have created a baby blanket, baby taggie toys and now I seem to have found a love for making pretty dresses. Good thing to seeing as though I have 3 girls to create for.

Thank goodness for wonderful friends online who have taken the time to show some tricks of the trade and help to inspire me, and start me off on my journey in to all things sewing!

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