Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love Notions {Lotus Blossom Top Girls and Ladies} A Review

Ready for a quick sew? but something with a little twist! literally? then look no further then the lotus blossom! I have been lucky enough to yet again test this new pattern from Love Notions! and yet again Tami does not fail to impress.

Girls and Ladies were tested at the same time, so its great if you want to make some mummy and me sets! Its a dolman style top and it literally just 3 pieces of fabric... (2 if you dont want to do the little bit at the back).

Its very comfortable and the twisty part at the front does really well at hiding that mummy tummy, and the back piece has a shirt tail hem! Looks fab over jeans! and well over anything.

Like usual we have a really great range of sizes, the girls is from 2T to 16 and the ladies is from XS to XXXL.

I think one of my favourite parts of this pattern, is the feature fabric on the back! I was able to use up scrap bits of knit that I have in my stash! so its a great little stash buster. Some of the testers used lace which looks amazing and reminds me I need to get some stretch lace into my stash at some point.

Size 5T girls, using a poly knit for the main fabric
My gorgeous 4 year old miss A loved it and refused to take it off after letting me get some tester photos of it! I did add a little modesty panel on her version, I thought it would be nice to add a bit of pop of colour and tie it into the back part as well.

I loved mine just as much! Normally I don't like to use white/cream because I am useless and always get it dirty, but as this pattern make uses of fabric that is the same on the front as it is on the back my choices were limited and I really wanted to use what was in my stash without having to buy more (tempting as it was to go and buy MORE fabric haha) but I really loooooove how this turned out! and the V-neck is just so sexy, This pattern will be used time and time again and become a wardrobe staple in not only mine but my girls!

Size Small Ladies, using some of my favourite knit on the back. Alice in Wonderland! From The Art of Fabric
Tami has just recently updated all her ladies patterns to be no trim and have the A4 guidelines! which is fantastic! so there is no trimming paper! just tape, cutout, cut out fabric and sew together! all up the whole process too me around and hour for the first one, the second one was much quicker because I knew what I was doing.
Size 12 seamed front option

I managed to find time to squeeze in one more test! this time using the instructions to use pattern printed fabric that is not the same on both sides, this added part really opens up the options in this patter, and once again shows just how much Tami listens to her testers

definitely recommend! Both Girls and Ladies have been put in a bundle together too so you can save money.. you know you want too!

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