Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Notions {Boyfriend Cardigan - girls and ladies} A review

Size 5t Shawl collar and Pockets
Size Small, Shawl collar and Pockets

Its coming up to my favourite time of the year, well one of my favourite times.. SPRING! (autumn is my other favourite time of the year) the inbetween winter and summer seasons. Where you can really wear anything in your wardrobe. Whats one staple you must have in any Spring wardrobe? Cardi's! I love Cardi's perfect for layering. Mind you they are also perfect for Winter here, seeing as though it doesn't really get very cold here ;)

So when Tami from love notions opened up a test for her new boyfriend Cardigan, of course I had to jump on it, and what was even better then a ladies pattern? a girls pattern at the same time! Having 3 girls I sew for, and a lack of Cardi's in there wardrobe.. it was a must have pattern.

I'd never sewn one before, button holes in knit scare me, and I have never been able to get them right as of yet. This one, thankfully does not have buttons! but it has nice little side vents that add a really nice touch!

Like always we have lots of options you can choose from.

Size Ranges
Girls: 2t - 16
Ladies: XS- XXXL

No Hood
Shawl Collar
No Shawl Collar
Drop Pockets
In the girls version I made I used a heavy weight loopback knit I got from Girl Charlie a year ago, and for the ladies version I used a Reaaally light weight cotton burnout fabric I got from lincraft in the reduced section, that one I had to completely use my sewing machine for and it went together really well, and very quickly! I think the longest part of putting the pattern together was making the pocket, and we both love our new Cardi's

You can purchase both patterns until the 19th of September for 20% off using the code sewallthecardigans at Love Notions you can also use the tired pricing system and save even more. This pattern wont disappoint you!

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