Sunday, September 27, 2015

Love Notion {Laundry Day Tee/Tunic} A Review

Let me start off by saying this pattern is FREE! yes, you read that right... FREE!! you just need to join the facebook group Love Notions Patterns to find your special discount code that will give you $4 off the pattern! and the same amount of testing went into this as any other of Tami's patterns for Love Notions.

It is such a super quick pattern to put together and sew, not fuss, no stress, cut cut and sew up.. and you have a gorgeous Tunic or Tee that you can either dress up for out on the town, or wear as it name says.. to do the laundry.

Yes, I styled to play up on the name Laundry... truth be told, I don't do the laundry... ever. I have an amazing mother who does that for me when I myself and Hubby are at work, and while she is watching the kids, but I will wear this heaps for relaxing days at home sewing (or folding the piles of clothes?)

I used a really gorgeous rayon knit that I got at spotlight... This pattern calls for really nicely draped fabric to that is sits nicely over the hips. I never used to pay attention to what fabric is recommended, especially having been sucked into the custom knit world, where everything is cotton/lycra and medium weight. It is another thing sewing for myself and Pattern testing has taught me, fabric choice is VERY important.

We have the following options for this one

Tee Length
Tunic Length
3 sleeve lengths (short, 3/4 and long)
2 necklines (scoop neck and v neck)

We also have the standard with Love Notions patterns, of Layers and no trim pages (for both lettter and A4 page sizes)

I even added a little cuff to the end of the sleeves instead of hemming, because.. well I was a little lazy.

Seriously what have you got to lose? the pattern is Free, and its amazing!

Head to the Love notions website to grab this pattern now!

look at that topstitching on the neck line... isn't it beautiful? I sure have come along way with top stitching

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  1. Wow, I'm jealous that your mom does your laundry. How awesome is that?!! Thanks for testing Deanne!