Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flosstyle {Artiste Dress} A Review

Australian Designer Alert! Australian Designer Alert!

Now that I have your attention! haha. I recently was given the opportunity to test for Flosstyle. I have seen Flosstyle patterns talked about before (those in the pdf groups know I am talking about the jutebox hits collection), and when there was a tester call for a new pattern I jumped at the chance to give it ago. I'll admit I was a little intimidated at first, I knew that this was going to challenge my inner creative side, and seeing how many options there were can be very overwhelming. However the instructions were great, and take you through every process step by step.

I was actually surprised at how quick they were to put together, especially the Canvas version for a woven dress it was just as quick as some of the knit dresses! and the result is gorgeous. Seeing what some of the testers did with their versions was inspirational, and gives me so many more ideas to try.

The muse version was right up my alley, the second I saw that version, I knew I was going to sew that one up. I made up a size 5 for Miss A, and a size 12 for Miss K.. both completely different in the finished version. The size 5 is playful and colourful and perfect for an every day dress, while Miss K's version is classy and modern, and perfect for an evening out...and in her teenage words "Totes her Style".. safe to say "nailed it!"

There is also a pallete version, which can so easily be used to create fairy dresses for dress ups.

Honestly.. the possibilities are endless with this collection

There are Three Dress bases
- Canvas
- Muse
- Pallete

But what makes this dress collection even more special is that it can all be interchanged! Like the Muse bodice but the Pallete skirt? thats fine you can do that. Like the Pallete Bodice and the Canvas skirt? Go ahead, you can make that!

You have endless possibilities with different fabric combinations, there was even a tester who integrated her own crocheting into the dress, and in the words from Jessica the designer behind Flosstyle Patterns, "Every Artiste needs a blank CANVAS, a colour PALETTE and a MUSE to inspire them!"

Above is my version of the Canvas, size 12. I used snaps on the tabs instead of buttons, because I am lazy like that. Made with cotton wovens.

 size 5 Muse, and This dress is now Miss A bestest dress in the whole wide world! made with gorgeous knit fabric from Zaletasun. The pleats on the skirt of this dress really make it, and give it some twirl factor

This is probably my favourite out of all of the ones I made. I had a vision in my head, and this collection really allowed for this dress to come alive. I had been spending the week looking at formal dresses for miss K for her end of year 6 formal and wanted to integrate lace into a dress and I had just the lace too! The rest of the dress is a really soft and drape-y rayon knit, due to its nature pleats were not flattering to the design so I gathered it with clear elastic for stability, and instead of lining the skirt part of the dress I added a second skirt to add some more of the colour.

I really could rave about this pattern more.. but I will leave you here, and send you to the place to buy, get it while it is at new pattern price (25% off) for $9 at The Flosstyle Website

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